WorldBridge, SHE-CAN Team Up

The WorldBridge Group and US-based NGO Supporting Her Education Changes a Nation (SHE-CAN) yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding to develop Cambodia’s human capital by investing in the education, training, and promotion of female leaders.

The MoU establishes a framework of collaboration between SHE-CAN and WorldBridge that will expand access to internships and employment opportunities for women in Cambodia, giving WorldBridge access to high-quality candidates.

The agreement will help identify employment and internship opportunities in Cambodia, improve communication between SHE-CAN candidates and Cambodian organisations when it comes to internship and employment opportunities, and ensure highly-qualified candidates are considered for opportunities at WorldBridge.

Sear Rithy, chairman of the WorldBridge Group, said that working with SHE-CAN gives his company access to talented women that return to Cambodia after graduating from a university in the US.

“We will provide internship and employment opportunities to them so that they can earn valuable work experience with our business leaders and experts. More importantly, they could become our next employees. This programme can prepare them for the demands of today’s workforce and future market growth in Cambodia,” said Mr Rithy.

Barbara Bylenga, founder and executive director of SHE-CAN, said her organisation builds females leaders and prepares them to improve their nations and the opportunities available to women.

Ms Bylenga added that SHE-CAN selects low-income women with high leadership potential and help them earn a college degree in the US, as well as transition into impactful leaders at home through partnerships such as this.

She added that since 2011, SHE-CAN has helped 56 women, 19 of them from Cambodia, win scholarships in the US.

She said her organisation accepts about 10 Cambodian scholars a year, and that their goal is to launch at least 63 Cambodian women on a leadership path by 2023.

“To accomplish this we have partnerships with 15 top US colleges who agree to provide tuition, room, and board for our scholars. Importantly, SHE-CAN and her mentors link the scholars not just to jobs, but to world-class career building opportunities. That is why WorldBridge is the perfect partner for us,” she said.

“Through WorldBridge we are able to offer our scholars valuable experiences that will foster their career and leadership potential and help them grow into impactful leaders. And in doing this, they become role models who will inspire millions of young women who never knew they too could grow into leaders in Cambodia,” she added.

Source: Khmer Times